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DFC History

  • Summer 2007 – The idea of the then called Foreign Circle originated at a Croatian dinner table in Soline by the President of Europe House and Christiane Mandukich. Adriana graciously offered her Lazareti location for meetings. In early Fall just a few foreigners gathered for their first meeting under the umbrella of the Europe House.
  • December 2007 – The first Christmas party was held at the Dubrovnik University together with Europe House members.
  • April 2009 – 10 Foreign Circle members decided in a special meeting to separate from the Europe House and form their own NGO. An official meeting was held at the end of April, 2009 with 3 Europe House board members. We informed them about our desire to separate and were graciously assured of Europe House’s support and best wishes for a prosperous future.
  • May 2009 – our first meeting was called at the ACMT location and the members accepted the formation of an NGO. The Dubrovnik Foreign Circle became official.
  • June 2009 – DFC became a registered Croatian NGO.
  • DFC’s first board was elected. Total membership counted 41 international members who lived in Dubrovnik full or part time.
  • Within a few months the “Dubrovnik Children’s International Library (DCIL) was created. DCIL’s two programs “Rhymes and Rhythms” and “Conversational English” were presented in 12 Dubrovnik Primary Schools. Volunteers participated in over 150 presentations reaching out to over 2000 children.
  • August 2009 – The DFC domain name was purchased for our future website.
  • April 2010 – DFC launched its web site. Active membership at that time was 45 members.

DFC Board Members

Christiane Mandukich, President
Erika Pesun Chiddenton, Vice President & Events Chair
CarolAnn Kelsey, Secretary
Mercy Bona Pavelic, Director of Special Projects
Ivan Mandukich, Treasurer

Honorary DFC Members

Karin Kröger-Schacht
Mark Thomas, Dubrovnik Times

The Dubrovnik Foreign Circle (DFC)

is a non-political, not-for-profit organization, officially registered with the Croatian Government (NGO) since June 2009.


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